• Oh, what a night. @theohhellos rocked my world last night and I almost forgot I took this gem of a pic at the end of the night. I knew none of the words, but felt all of the joy emitting from the stage last night 🙌🏾 also, amazing openers @jaylonashaun + @fayewebster
  • A reminder that you’re probably not giving yourself enough credit for all the awesome things you’ve accomplished and that you’re exactly enough as you are.
  • Be gentle with •yourself• you’re doing the best you can. Thanks for the reminder ✌🏾#selfcare
  • Do you ever go through old pictures and surprise yourself, like, DANG! I looked cute that day—and then think, wow I used to be fashionable. On a completely separate—yet perhaps somewhat related note, only 4 more weeks and I’m done with my first year of #gradschool. Ah, life.
  • How Californian of me. #avocadotoast
  • Coming close to the end of the semester has had my stress levels at an all time high. The pressure to do good work and be “on” constantly gets to be a lot sometimes. If you’re feeling this way—in grad school or not—know you’re not alone in this. Today #ontheblog I wrote a few recommended remedies for fighting against burnout. If you’re stressed out and not sure where to start to get to feeling better, check it out. How are you feeling right now? And how have you dealt with burnout in the past? Please feel free to share so that others may learn they’re not alone and maybe even how to deal with burnout in new, healthier ways ♥️

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