4 thoughts on “A Little Louder For Those In The Back: 4 Things to Keep In Mind For Young, Professional POCs”

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    Honey this blog is so necessary and inspiring. As a POC working in the Human Resources field I have to stand strong and battle the labeling. If I don’t then there will be no representation for the POC within my company. Without representation, there are no mentors, or voice of reason. I’m learning to be unapologetically black, not ignorant, but without shame of my culture, without shame of the hair that comes from my roots. It’s something that may take time for some of us, but once we get there, we’re paving the way for the next generation to rise above the labeling!


    1. Leighann

      Thanks so much for reading, Courtney! You’re not alone in that–I used to work in HR too, and there is definitely a lack of POC professionals in the office space. I love what you said about paving the way for the next generation, because you’re so on point. If not now–when? Keep doing you, sis–you will do BIG and great things for the world–and your company, of course!

    1. Leighann

      Thanks for reading, Zinny–you’re so right! It is important for us to have confidence in the job market and also be true to who we are, while not compromising our uniqueness!

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