14 thoughts on “From the Mind of an Extroverted-Introvert: 5 Tips For Introverts On How To Handle Conflict Well”

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    The last step is definitely the most important in my opinion. I’m guilty of attempting to confront someone about an issue when in reality all I really wanted to do was get my feelings off my chest- I was never too concerned by the fact that they may have seen things differently. Great post as always! Definitely has me thinking about the topic some more!

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    Completly agree with these! I always try and make sure that I have someone with me, I can’t cope otherwise!xx

    Jade | jademarie.co.uk

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    I can definitely relate to this post. I found that the first two points interlink, because I hate conflict and try to talk it out with friends before I react to something, but then it leads into holding it in, because sometimes I feel the issue is petty or just better off if I don’t face the problem. I always try to take a deep breath to allow myself time to think about how to react, as like you said, if it isn’t worth it, then just let it go! Definitely enjoyed reading this post, it helps me to internalise some thoughts!

    Jenny x


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