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Drake Says You Should Go Out More: 7 Ideas for Self-Dates and Why They’re Important


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When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? 

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Hear me out. When was the last time you just hung out by yourself, intentionally? I don’t mean you just happened to find yourself 8 episodes into Gossip Girl by accident. I mean, when was the last time you scheduled a self-date? A self-date is pretty self-explanatory. You just go out, or do something, by yourself. Magical, no?

Spending quality time by ourselves isn’t only liberating, it’s insightful. When we treat ourselves right and love on ourselves properly, we recognize our value and worth in a whole new way. We learn what we deserve and what truly matters to us. How?  By being introspective and learning the ins- and outs- of…ourselves.

I’ve learned over the years that being single can suck, but it doesn’t always have to. And luckily for you–I’ve taken the liberty to help you get started on some ways to make it more fun and worthwhile. Here are 7 ways to self-date:

Tour a Museum

Story Time: A few years ago, I spent Christmas in New York City–I know, très romantic, right? It was my first time spending the holidays away from my mom and dad, and getting the chance to be on the east coast for Christmas was a dream come true. Except for one thing: there was NO snow. Just my luck.

BUT, I made my time in the city my own and got to adventure even amidst the snowless city. Thankfully, my grandma let me take the bus over to Central Park–my dream has and will always be to live on Park Ave.–which was right next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course, being the Gossip Girl fangirl that I am, I had to go inside. Once inside, I immediately fell in love with its grandness and walked right up to the ticket sales booth. I was met with a pair of deep brown eyes, a friendly smile and a wave. He looked not much younger than 21 and asked me what sort of ticket I was purchasing. I told him I was a student, studying psychology at a school in California–well, I used to be, so it wasn’t technically a lie.

He looked intrigued, and motioned at my camera that dangled from my neck. “Are you a photographer?”

“I’m a newbie, but I love photography. I’m still learning.” Low and behold, I find out this guy is a native NYC artist himself and had dabbled with black and white film photography in the past. We chatted for a good ten minutes about what kind of cameras we used and how much we both hated the cold. After a while, he asked me again what sort of ticket I wanted and I whipped out my handy-dandy-hasn’t-been-used-since-undergrad student ID (yes, I still carry mine, because HELLO Student Discounts). He shook his head playfully and refused to take my money, and handing me a freshly printed ticket, he let me through the archway into the museum’s main lobby.

“Have fun, and remember: no flash.” He smiled and waved “bye”. I mouthed “thanks” and headed inside. I got to look at a ton of awesome exhibits and pieces that day, all thanks to the cute ticket sales/artist guy. Moral of the story is: go to a museum, you might just get in free.

Look for some fun places like San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream or the Color Factory in NYC. Explore your hometown’s natural wonders like a Conservatory of Flowers or Botanical Garden.

See a movie and go out to dinner

…and don’t be a cheap date, treat yourself to dessert too. You deserve it. 


Work out in a new place or in a new way

Find a local hiking spot near you and make your way through it. Use the Find My Friends app for safety–let your buds know  where and when you’re going places alone. Gyms always have fun classes to try out. Whether you’re a newbie at Zumba or a pro in pilates class–you’ll never know until you find out for yourself. Or, if you’re too shy to workout with a group, try personal training for a challenge and get real personal with your body and its capabilities. Afterwards, treat yourself to a yummy smoothie like these ones.

Netflix and chill…but actually chill

Whether with a full glass of wine or full dark chocolate bar. No judgement here. Except for when you’re 5 episodes deep and they dare ask if you’re still there. What do you think, Netflix?!

drake dancing - self dates

Go somewhere new for a day…or a weekend

My good friend, Tiya decided to treat herself to a birthday weekend at a small B&B in northern California where she wine-tasted, ate good food and rang in her new year like a champ. Honestly, sometimes going places be yourself can be the most freeing experience. All you have to worry about is if you’re having a good time. If, yes–you’re doing it right. My first solo trip would have to be DisneyWorld. I’ve always wanted to go to a Disney Park and experience it on my own. Fingers crossed the finances work themselves out soon!

A night-in reading a good book

One of my favorite ways to unwind—aside from Netflix, of course. No interruptions, just some witty humor and cozy pj’s usually gets the job done. 

Cook a yummy meal…just for YOU

drake dancing cooking self dates

I love cooking meals, like pulled chicken and herb butter chickenespecially if it means I get to use my crock pot. Making yourself dinner is a sweet way to spend time with yourself, your thoughts and maybe a little Drake, playing softly in the background. 

These are just a few ideas of some self-dates you can treat yourself to in the next few weeks. You should spend time with yourself, and often. It’s a great way to unwind after a long week, and just spend time checking in with YOU. Spending alone time with yourself teaches us two things: 1) you can and you’re allowed to have fun by yourself and 2) when the right person DOES come along, you’ll know that you can still have a good time, flying solo!

Because, as Drake once said:

drake affirmation self dates

What other ideas do you have for self dates? Let me know in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Drake Says You Should Go Out More: 7 Ideas for Self-Dates and Why They’re Important”

  1. Avatar

    Yes!! Such a fan of taking myself out on dates. In the beginning I struggled with the idea of going somewhere alone, but now I almost prefer it! Thanks for the tips for my next date 💕

    1. Leighann

      I am so there with you, Cierra. It was awkward at first, doing things solo, but after a while, I’ve started to look forward to making plans with myself! I’m so glad this list was inspiring for your next self-date idea!

  2. Avatar

    I absolutely love this! Taking yourself out on dates and learning to appreciate time with yourself couldn’t be more important. I love the ideas you shared, too! I always think it’s odd when people absolutely hate doing things alone–I think it’s so refreshing and makes you appreciate what you’re doing.

    1. Leighann

      I totally agree–when people are like so surprised that I do things on my own, I’m surprised they’re surprised lol thanks for sharing that Kaitlin, and for reading!

  3. Avatar

    When I was single I used to take myself out on lunch dates when pubs and restaurants were usually busy with people on business lunches, etc. It was always a good way to do some networking and just chill and chat to people. I also used to actively participate in some club activities back then so I did lots of trackdays, rode motorbikes around Europe, traveled to gatherings and events around some of my interests. Now I have been doing the same things with my other half for many years. Double the fun, but even when I was single I had fun. 🙂

  4. Avatar

    I have always loved taking myself on dates! These are all great ideas. Even now as a mom, I still find ways to get away and date myself. The importance of my alone time is still so relevant!

  5. Avatar

    I took myself on a weekend beach trip and explored all of the things I’ve been wanting to try for a while alone . I got to swim and do a ropes course it was freeing . For people looking for more self dates I suggest going on event brute and looking at industries that interest you . When you go to places with like minded people you aren’t alone . I love poetry events , plays and I’ve even found low cost business seminars. Self dating and alone time has become my norm ..

    1. Leighann

      I love this so much! Thank you for sharing the ways that you self date–I love the idea of going to events via eventbrite. You’re so right: when you’re with likeminded individuals, you’re never really alone.

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