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Blayne + Maggie: A Sweet Love Story

Dear readers, meet Blayne and Maggie.

Another sweet couple I had the pleasure of meeting through my social work program at UGA.  These two lovebirds decided to say “yes” to forever just a few weeks ago. And lucky for me, I got to be the one to photograph them in all of their newly-engaged bliss!

Also, by the time you read this, Maggie will have just graduated with her joint MSW-MPH degree from University of Georgia. Double the celebration, I’d say!


Cute story alert. 

Originally, Blayne had reached out to me regarding having some graduation photos done for Maggie. She also added that she was planning on surprising her with a ring! When Blayne asked if I would be willing to photograph the sweet event, I immediately (and enthusiastically) said “of course!” 

We took North Campus as our own for the photoshoot. A place that was near and dear to Blayne and Maggie’s own love story. They shared with me that when they were first dating, they would go to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream and then walk to the fountain on campus to sit and talk. So, of course we had to immortalize their story by taking some pictures of them enjoying their yummy ice cream cones at their favorite place. The place that started it all. 

I mean, just look at them…

Funnily enough, Blayne reached back out to me a few days later and told me Maggie had surprise proposed to her the evening before. How sweet is that? 

Oh, and one more awesome highlight, aside from getting the chance to photograph this sweet love story? 

Their doggies: Sebastian and, newly rescued pup, Annie. 

Aw, love. How sweet it is. 

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