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What Do You Do When God Feels Far Away?

If I’m honest, sometimes my faith walk is just…meh.

And sometimes, things are just all out of wack. By “things” I mean spiritual things like, spending time with the Lord, opening up my Bible, praying consistently…and the list, unfortunately, goes on. It’s not that I don’t want to be consistent in my prayer life or have a set time devoted to reading the Bible, it’s just that sometimes I hit a dry spell. 

I think because we’re human, and ultimately fallible, we all hit dry spells. In our relationships with others, in our creative and professional pursuits, and yes–sometimes, even in our walk with God. But, I take heart knowing that a spell, is just that. A spell. A (hopefully) brief lapse of time where we just aren’t in tune with our spiritual walks and need a little…realigning. 

A few things I’ve found to be helpful to me when I hit a wall in my faith journey are: 

Praying about it. 

I used to believe that when God felt far from me, it was Him walking away from the mess that I was. I got it. I was a blubbering mess that made one too many mistakes and because of that, He wanted nothing to me. Heads up, friend—that is a bold faced lie. It is not God who walks away from us when we’ve strayed from following Him. 

It’s us. 

Because of our sin, we hide from God. This is in no way a new concept for Christians. In fact, it might just be the oldest move in the book. Literally—and by book, I mean the Bible. Remember Adam and Eve? The first sinners…ever. 

Remember what they did immediately after disobeying God by eating the forbidden fruit in the garden? 

They hid. 

What to do when God feels far away


It’s human nature for us to hide when we’ve done wrong—whether it’s a habitual thing or just because I feel like I’ve fallen off “the path”.

But the good news is, I don’t have to stay there! I can go to Him even when I feel like the lowest of the low. Because He loves and cares for me. And He cares for you too, friend. He does. Don’t be ashamed to go to Him, because He WANTS to hear from you. 

Opening up my Bible. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t opened the Word in two days or two years. There’s no shame in going back to the Word of God after being away for a while. If you feel shame, it’s not from God, beloved. Ask Him, and He’ll remind you that all He wants from you is you. You don’t have to be a scholar or apologetics genius to receive His Word and love. He simply wants to be with you and for you to enjoy your time with him. Get into His word through a devotion on the Bible app, or search on Google for a topic you’re in need of guidance on—there are so many places to start, so just start. There is no shame here. 


In the past year, worship has impacted my faith in such a tremendous way. I was never a huge worship music person, but lately that’s been changing. Some days when I’m just in a funk, spewing negativity towards myself or others, I have to tell myself “shut up and listen”. Then I’ll start playing worship music and I have no other choice but to reflect on God’s goodness. Most worship music talks about God’s goodness, faithfulness, never-ending, overwhelming love for us and if that doesn’t just make you sit and think, I don’t know what will. Yes, even CHH (Christian Hip Hop)—have you heard of Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB? 

No? Look ‘em up and thank me later (check out Clean Ears Podcast for some more CHH inspo). 

Worship isn’t just music! Worship, as defined in the dictionary is “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” You can express reverence or adoration in a multitude of ways, not just through song. I’ve seen people worship through dance, art, written and spoken word, prayer—to name a few ways. Taking in a sunrise, recognizing God’s artistry of a new day, is worship. Whenever we acknowledge God’s awesome might, we take part in worship.

So the next time you’re up early or in view of the perfect sunset—stop. Sit and enjoy the gift of a new day brought to you by the Most High.

You might just start to feel closer to Him than ever before. 

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Getting in (or back into) community. 

If you’ve ever been a part of a community or had a group of really good friends who know you and are familiar with your spiritual walk’s ebbs and flows, then you know this is key. Get into community and be real with the people in it. The awesome thing about community is not only the fact that you can be around people who will hold you accountable in terms of being in the Word and bringing your junk to God, but it’s also a great way to get inspired and reignite your passion for God. Seeing other believers get excited about what God’s doing or showing them through His Word is inspiring to say the least. It reminds you of God’s everlasting faithfulness and the peace and joy He brings into life. And it’s really hard to remain stagnant around a bunch of flourishing spiritual walks. 

I’m not perfect, and these methods of getting your prayer/faith/Bible-reading groove back aren’t either. But I find that if you give it a chance and keep trying your best, God is gracious to meet you where you are. He’s good like that. 

Tell me the truth: was this helpful?

What other methods have you used to reconnect with God or reignite your faith walk?

10 thoughts on “What Do You Do When God Feels Far Away?”

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    Hi Leighann. Thanx for this. It’s right on time. I think a lot of the time I fall into a “spell” bc I’m looking for God do something great in my life. But I know God to be a hardworker and just bc I can’t see what he’s doing in the background doesn’t mean nothings going on. Thanx for sharing this!!

    1. Leighann

      Shanisha, you are speaking my heart right now. I am so there. It is hard to remember that God is the director–think of your life like a play and its opening night. You can’t find the director, but that’s because He’s busy orchestrating all the details, ironing them out just so. That analogy isn’t perfect, because God is never too busy to be found, but the sentiments remain the same. God is working, and He’s working hard and intentionally. He’s got this and all we need to do is trust. Easier said than done, I know. But I’m right there with you, sis. Take care, love and thanks so much for reading!

  2. Avatar

    You are truly a blessing! When I saw your post on ig it got me thinking; yes, I’ve been reading my Bible and worshipping yet i don’t feel connected. My life got so hectic but good (which it hasn’t been in such a long time) that I stopped communicating with God the way I did through hardships and I was becoming stagnant. Seeing this post made me realise that. THANK YOU! God bless sis!💙

    1. Leighann

      Aw, Tisha–you are such a light in my life. Thank you for reading and sharing your own struggles in your faith walk. It’s so normal for us as humans to get into ruts along the journey to glory–but we can have hope that if we simply show up, God will meet us there!

  3. Avatar

    Your blog post is just what I needed to hear🙂 I’ve been feeling pretty distant from God lately (b/c of my own selfish reasons), and I keep thinking that I have ‘no right’ to come back to Him. But if the Bible has taught me anything, it’s that God doesn’t think the way that humans do. And God just wants us to spend time with Him without shame. Thank you for reminding me of that! <3

    1. Leighann

      I so appreciate you sharing your experience, girl. Yes, praise God we are always welcomed back into His arms, flaws and all. I’m so glad this resonated with you and pray that your faith continues to flourish!

  4. Avatar

    I feel this on so many levels. It’s like you feel like you’re trying to read the Bible and worship just to say you’ve spent time with God. But that’s not really what we should be doing just to connect with God. We should be in tune with God’s presence! Such a great way to explain this!

    1. Leighann

      Yes! I am so here for this. Thank you for sharing, Chelle! And it’s so easy to fall into a legalistic view of God, but that IS NOT who He is. And praise God for that. Praying for you sis!

  5. Avatar

    Great tips – sometimes it’s just getting started and being conscious. When I start to feel that way, I make a special effort to get back into my daily bible study (which too often falls by the wayside. ..)

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