When God Writes Your Love Story

When God Writes Your Love Story (…and you try to steal the pen)

Ever been here?

I’m talking about that place where you’ve said, with hands thrown up in the air in exasperation, “Okay, God. I trust you with this part of my life too.” And you know what part of life to which this statement is referring, don’t you? Yes, that’s right. Your dating life. Or love life. Your romantic dating life. Whatever the kids call it these days. We’ll go with, my romantic love life, for the sake of this entry.

If you haven’t been here, then join me as I recount my experience being in this exact spot. Because it’s one thing to say, “God, I trust you.” It’s another thing entirely to actually trust Him.

I’ve been there. I am there. And you can bet that more often than not, I find myself itching to grab that pen right out of His hands so I can write my own story. Because, I seem to believe that I could write a much better story. I’d add a few paragraphs here. Omit a sentence or two, or nineteen, there. Use some whiteout and re-write a chapter or two. I think I’d make for a pretty good author of my own love life. Don’t you think?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Honestly, at anytime I could – and believe me, I’ve tried – change the story on my own. Simply grab that ballpoint pen, press down and smile as the ink dried on what would probably turn into the worst love story ever. I like to think I’m pretty good with words. I could make things sound really nice on paper.

He's 6'7". Loves Jesus, obviously. Has like, 2 dogs. Loves traveling and has a degree, good credit, an impressive, yet also socially conscious job, can cook and...
He’s 6’7″. Loves Jesus, obviously. Has like, 2 dogs. Loves traveling and has a degree, good credit, an impressive, yet also socially conscious job, can cook and…

Need I continue?

It all looks great – no, perfect…on paper.

Which is exactly why I hope I never get ahold of that pen.

I think of J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece of a series that is Harry Potter. Her work is magical. It’s amazing and mesmerizing and just, plain good. From beginning to end, the series had a goal, even if she didn’t realize it at the start. She still had a semblance of the goal in mind as she wrote. Her characters were strategically placed in the storyline at the proper time, in the proper places. Trials and conflicts were effectively set up in order to spur character development and growth. Plot twists were ingeniously sprinkled throughout the series to capture the readers’ attention and draw them in deeper.

Nothing she wrote in that series was unintentional. Every decision a character made, every thought they mustered up and action they took, had a reason behind it. Every ‘potentially problematic’ situation that Harry, Ron and Hermoine faced, was another stepping stone, leading them closer to becoming the victors of the story.

That’s how I hope my story is being penned. More specifically, that’s how I hope my romantic love story – whatever it looks like – is being penned.

God the Author, is intentional. Every pen stroke, confident and moving towards the ultimate goal.

As an author, it’s important to know where you’re going with your story. What things need to happen to get you there. And most importantly, why you’re going where you’re going in the first place.

Again, intent.

You see, I’m not exactly what you’d call patient, at least not by nature. Okay, I’m just really not good at waiting! And because of this, on more than one occasion, I’ve tried writing my own romantic love story. It wasn’t pretty. There was a lot of confusion, chaos and ultimately a few tears shed by characters who were merely casualties of my destructive authorship. It was with a bruised heart and a downcast spirit that I reluctantly handed Him back the pen. I didn’t know if I completely trusted Him with my story just yet – after all, it was very precious to me.

 It was with a bruised heart and a downcast spirit that I reluctantly handed Him back the pen.
But there was no way I trusted it with myself either.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it one million times more, I’m sure: the hope and the truth that I choose to cling to is, even though it’s hard to wait and see the bigger picture, I’d rather leave it all in the hands of the One who knows me, loves me and protects me the best.

Even though I enjoy writing fictional, romantic stories of my own design, my real romantic love story is much more precious. And to be completely honest, try as I might, I just don’t think I’d get it right.

Thankfully, I don’t have to.

If you’re here, reading this – first of all, thank you – and if you relate to this in some way or another, take heart. God’s not finished with you yet. Trust in His timing. Seek His will and ask for His wisdom in ALL – again for those in the back, ALL – things. He will give it to you, and generously (James 1:5).

Be honest: have you ever reached for that pen to write your own chapters? What came of it? Good things? Bad things? Embarrassing things? I want to hear it all – share in the comments below, if you’re so inclined.




8 thoughts on “When God Writes Your Love Story (…and you try to steal the pen)”

  1. Avatar

    I can totally relate with this post and I know so many times in my life I have grabbed the pen from God’s hands and told Him he wasn’t fast enough in creating the future I want. Each time, the relationship ended badly and I was left with a broken heart, looking to God to heal my wound. I have so many scars from trying to write my own love story.

    Now, I’m trusting God to write the best for me. Believing his word in Isaiah 61:3 that he will take away all the pain and bitterness and give me something beautiful and heal me of all the pain my impatience and compulsive behaviour has caused. It isn’t easy leaving it all for God, but I try with the help of the Holy Spirit to let go and let God.

    Each time it looks like God is taking forever, I remind myself of Ruth and try to understand the pain she must have felt when her husband died and all the long and lonely years she spent without him. She could have left Naomi and returned to her people. But she decided to stay with her mother in law and when God will change her story and bless her with Boaz, He did it in ONE DAY.

    God writes the best romantic stories. Simply the best!

  2. Avatar

    Sometimes it’s so hard to trust God bcuz it seem like the wait is forever lol I’ve been there. I agree he is intentional and an on purpose God.

    1. Leighann

      You’re not alone in this way of thinking, Taynia–thanks for sharing your heart! It can feel as though God has forgotten us, in this wait, but I take comfort in the fact that I know for certain He loves me best and would do nothing to harm me. I can only believe that this wait, is worth something. Thanks so much for reading.

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