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When You Start to Fall in Love with Yourself

When you start to fall in love with yourself—⠀
You will feel the incessant flapping of butterfly wings in your belly as you think about the immensity of the future ahead of you.⠀

Your palms will sweat in anticipation of the accomplishments just ahead of you, just within your grasp. You will get tongue-tied as you explain the grand plans that you have concocted and dreamt up endlessly with God. ⠀

Your heart will skip a beat or two as you pass by your reflection in the closet’s hanging mirror. Taking in all of your body’s beauty. Its curvatures and unique stripes, its distinct spots and colors. ⠀
You will get lost in daydreams of the wide expanse of possibility that is laid bare before you. Your heartbeat will quicken with the thrill of all that lay ahead of you and you will wonder how you went so long without realizing that you are immaculate. You are inimitable. You are full of God’s glory. You are perfect.⠀

And no one will ever be able to convince you otherwise.

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